About Trude

Trude MostueTrude Mostue was born in Oslo, Norway. She grew up in a little village outside Oslo and decided early in life to become a veterinarian.

She did her studies at Bristol School of Veterinary Science and graduated with a bachelor of veterinary science in 1996.

At the same time she was approached by the BBC to take part in the documentary Vet School . This series became hugely popoular and was at one point viewed by more than 12 million viewers twice a week .

The BBC continued to make documentaries about the vets from the original vet school series and Vets In practice soon became one of the most popular documentaries ever shown on the bbc with a total of 11 series ( each series 6 episodes ) .
Trude Mostue went on to present tv programs and went on to combine her veterinary work with filming several series with the bbc. She has been presenting the following tv shows Vets on Holiday , Vets In the Wild ( 3 series each 4 programmes filmes in africa and USA and North America ) , Vets in the country ( 25 programs ) , Vets to the Rescue ( 25 programs ), All BBC.

After 10 years with the BBC , she went on to present programs i her home country Norway for NRK ( Kompis ) and TV2 . All throughout her TV career Trude Mostue continued to work as a veterinarian .

Trude has published 5 books , 4 in UK , and 1 in Norway . She has also written regular columns for newspapers . She lived in Bath, UK until 2006 whenshe mooved back to Norway . Trude now lives in Oslo with her fiance and 4 children . She is currently working freelance as a veterinarian.

Trude is currently represented by HKmanagement.co.uk.

Trude Mostue: Norwegian veterinary surgeon and television presenter